what do you think about the fact erik is single? I don't think a person has to be in a relationship at this young age to show the world he's a complete person.

i agree, in fact, I don’t think a person has to be in a relationship at all just to put on a SHOW to the world, we find (and are in) relationships for ourselves not for everybody else :)

Do you know if Erik has any siblings?

yup, in one interview he mentioned having an older sister named Lisa :)

An Infinite List of Attractive Footballers: Olivier Giroud (Arsenal/France)

The video isnt working in my country, what can I do?

you can try using proxy or vpn, if you don’t know how to do it just download here and i’ve made the gifset here :)

Erik Durm speaks english for like 5 seconds (x)

Hi. I just want to ask. Do you know where could I watch wc14 final with all the post trophy celebration? Thank you!!

for the match you can download this torrent it’s not so big compared to other torrents which sized 4-8gb, for the celebration you can watch here :)